0-3 Months İnfancy

0-3 Months İnfancy

A sweet precense in front of new world but she/he is as strenous and problematiz as she/he is sweet.İnfants have very rapid development and learning abilities.

Babies sleep12-14 hours a day during this period .Sleep cycles are too short compored to adults.fearful clocks a wait you at night because they will wake you up at night.

Tired sleepless nights waiting for our new mothers.Also night feeding will continue.

We can teach then the difference between day and night.We should keep babies in the day time in a noise and bright anviroment.At night we muzt be dark and night.Our baby with this application will be able to disfinguish between day and night.
Also in the diary outfit sleeping alothes should be diffrent.When your baby is sleeping ,dress her up and lay her on the floor.

If there is a throat of gas , massage the back and stomach to remove the gas. Breast milk is very important in the first three months.main food source should be breast milk.Hard times we are waiting for their mother.
All mothers come easy….

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